Last year me and family witnessed a terrible terrible incident. I have been living in my resident for the last 6yrs without any major problems. The most trouble we have had was chasing away the prostitutes that would stand at the corner or in front of our home. Maybe a bike and some tools coming up missing but nothing real tragic. Until last summer as me and wife were sitting on our porch one hot summer night August 4th to be exact we heard gun shots coming from behind our house, it was so close I could see the muzzle flash as the shots rang out. As the kids across the street started to flee in all directions, some ran in the house others ran in down the porch steps and around to the back of the house, some even jumped off the porch and ran down the street, little did anyone know that a bullet went through the door frame and hit an 8yr boy laying on his livingroom floor sleep. Another hit an older young boy in the butt. Who knows why the incident really happened you hear all kind of stories, gang related, dope related, over a girl. but really who cares it wasn’t that important that an 8yr old boy life had dramatically changed in a matter of minutes. He is now paralyzed from the wast down and has very little function out of one arm and hand. His life has just become that more harder to live and the young man that committed the crime is serving 18yrs. Then two weeks ago a young man was shot in a car riding down the street in a know trouble area multiple times in the face, was dropped off by the driver in the car at a BP gas station. The driver ran in the gas station yelled call 911 and fled on foot while the young man in the car lay there dying and unfortunately died the next morning. Two days later I’m headed to work and I get a text from my son saying can he please come home because kids at school are threatening to shoot up the school because they believe that the people who had something to do with go to his school and that they were coming for revenge. Now let me reiterate what I’m saying kids were going to retaliate with guns at his school. I sent his mother to get him and I kept him home for two days. Nothing has happened yet at the school but I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in taking chances with my kids safety or life. So lets talk tell what you think remember from mouth to paper