Well where do I begin, my name is Richard King and will be turning 22 April 28th !!!!!!!!!!! Just joking I will be 42 in a couple of days. The lord has been good to me and my family and I am forever greatful. In the last year me and my family and friends have witnessed some troubling and life changing events that have shaken us to our inner core that has made me decide to start a blog and see where it takes me. Its the only way I feel to get these occurences out of my head hince “frommouthtopaper”. This blog will be for people to post or comment on what bothers them and what changes they would like to see in their communities or the world for that matter. Lets keep it polite but interesting remember everyone has their own opinion and beliefs so please don’t be degrading or malicious that is a sure way to get the boot but in the same breath don’t be afraid to raise some good food for thought. Well this is just a little intro so I will be posting real soon.